From Monday March 8th, Raison Home’s new showcase has been online on the Internet.

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From Monday March 8th, Raison Home’s new showcase has been online on the Internet.
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Since the beginning of the month, Raison Home UK is glad to enjoy its latest marketing tool; https://www.raisonhome.com/en-gb/



This new website is intended to be the perfect reflection of the unique identity of Raison Home in its market: the leader in home sales of kitchens and fitted interiors.



What are the strengths of our new site?

They obviously reflect the different experience offered to consumers than that carried out by traditional showrooms:

A real world: from the welcome photo on the Home Page, the website visitor discovers the interior of a real customer, showing the extent of our offering: kitchens, fitted living room furniture, fitted bedrooms etc. All the photos on the site relate to installations at our customers’ homes, as we start each project from a blank sheet of the needs and expectations of the customer concerned.



Every project tells a story:

Working with the client at home to design their design project, we don’t just show beautiful kitchens or beautiful fitted furniture. We tell the story: what were the client’s dreams and real needs, what were the restrictions, what solutions did we create together to design a unique project that went beyond the expectations expressed at the beginning? We tell stories of families, of sharing, of the search for beauty combined with everyday practical use.



Our Home Designers:

What Raison Home offers above all is the richness of the human relationship between a client who wants to realise the project of his dreams and knows perfectly well what he wants and his personal Home Designer with whom he is working, to build a relationship of trust. This is the reason why a large part of the site is reserved for the presentation of our Home Designers and their achievements.



A co-design process:

The Home Designer does not design the project for his client, he builds it with him by putting all his expertise at the disposal of the client to allow him to make the best decision in full knowledge of the facts. Co-design begins at the stage of the information available on the website. We don’t just explain what the current offering is, we make it relevant it to help the customer be inspired.



A unique concept, commitments:

Transparency, respect, honesty, net price, 101% satisfaction: the promise of products and services of very high quality is explained and affirmed. The commitment charter is signed by each Home Designer and is the common thread in the relationship of Home Designers with their customers.



The breadth of our offering: in January 2020, Cuisines Raison became Raison Home. Based on our expertise in the kitchen, we now offer solutions for almost any room in the house: utility room, fitted bedrooms, dining room, living room, bathroom, dressing room, etc. Each area is clearly explained by integrating the latest trends as they emerge from the requests of our customers with whom we are working every day.

David Fox

David Fox

Managing Director of Raison Home UK