Our Concept

At home WITH the client at the heart of their project

CHEZ et AVEC le client

Why work with the client at home?

We are convinced that the future of the interior design market lies in the personalisation of the proposals offered to customers. What could be better than being in the customer’s living space to encompass their habits, their tastes, their surroundings in their design. The customer no longer has to go to a store, we bring them all of the elements necessary for their decision-making at home.

AT THE client’s home to best meet their expectations

So that each project is unique and personalised, we have chosen to meet our clients at their home. At the clients’ homes, Raison Home Designers take the time to listen to their real needs, to identify the constraints of the project and the room and to offer them a new tailor-made living space.

CHEZ le client pour comprendre son projet
Avec le client pour son projet

WITH the client to best design their project

Our discussions with the client are based on trust, it allows us to co-design a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom project in great detail according to their lifestyle, their style, their tastes. This makes it easier to meet all of their expectations and provide them with appropriate expert advice.

A single point of contact

Throughout the creation and installation of the project, Raison Home Designers co-ordinate the entire project and are the sole point of contact for their clients. They are in close collaboration with a network of certified professionals (installers, electricians, plumbers, worktop suppliers etc.).


Customer service is a mark of our success

On average, almost 70% of our customers come from referrals. Their trust is a real sign of the quality of our service and is our best advertisement.

Un interlocuteur unique

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