Learn about Interior Design with Charlotte at RAISON Home

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Learn about Interior Design with Charlotte at RAISON Home
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RAISON Home has a unique concept, ideal for franchisees who have a passion for interior design. With the opportunity to design for clients, with clients, in their own homes you can create the perfect solution for the way they live their lives.

Charlotte O’Neill is the Franchise training & development manager at RAISON Home and is responsible for the initital and ongoing training with clients on interior design concepts, supplier and product information and ongoing support and information on the very latest interior design trends.

“My goal is at the end of your initial training you will be a confident home designer, understand our concept and be ready to tackle clients face to face. I also will be with you as ongoing support for those first few clients. I am also in charge of all ongoing training to further your knowledge, to keep you up to date with trends in the industry and to keep what we offer product wise up to date.

The thing I love the most about the KBB industry is how many different people you get to meet, people from all walks of life. No two projects are the same and this makes your everyday life as a designer really interesting. I think one of my favourite things about being a designer is being with a client from the very beginning to the very end. I always make the effort to check in on my previous clients months after the project is completed. Walking in and seeing how they have styled the space and how they have made it their own is something I never grow tired of. It makes it all worthwhile.


The perfect post-pandemic design solution

When I first discovered Raison Home it really intrigued me, it was during the pandemic and I was working within a studio at the time but due to the climate we were all working from home, designing and talking to clients over video meetings. So when the concept of Raison Home was explained to me about how we can sell remotely, it all made perfect sense to me. I do genuinely think that since the pandemic so many other industries have given up with office spaces, so why wouldn’t we follow suit?


The way a lot of the KBB industry works is, you walk into the showroom or studio, the salesperson you encounter will talk you through the product, show you some examples and then arrange a visit to your home. All we are doing is cutting out the starting step. The likelihood of you purchasing exactly what is on display in a showroom is very slim, so you have to use samples to show colour, texture, material etc. This is what we do too, but all from within your home, in your space, with your natural light and we build a design concept together.


With so many people now working from home, it’s incredible to be able to see so many customers during the week on lunch breaks or when they have some space within the diary. With our co-design process we really can work on something special, all from the comfort of your own home. We are completely flexible around you and your family and you are always the priority.


To me, it’s a no-brainer that this has to be the future of our industry.

RAISON Home concept of co-design

My main role for the training is to teach you how to become a designer, I teach you the exclusive Raison Home concept of co-design. I make sure you can operate and understand all of our design and quotation software. The products we have to offer are also covered, including visits to the local suppliers. My main aim is to make you confident enough to go out to see a client as soon as your training is complete. I am also the port of call for ongoing support, for help with those tricky designs and any technical information you may need going forward.

Ongoing training support

We also try and conduct at least 4 additional training sessions per year, we aim to try and do these in person. Then we also run online monthly sessions. We won’t just leave you to fend for yourself once the initial training is over. That is just the beginning!

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Charlotte Oneill

Charlotte O’Neill

Franchise Training & Development Manager