Opening your multi-sellers franchise

Want an even bigger opportunity? Why not invest in our multi-seller franchise?

Equipe Delpique Franchise Raison Home

You want to build a business in the lucrative and exciting KBB interior design sector, so what are your options?


  • Open an expensive showroom as an independent retailer ?
    • Reality: independent showrooms lost 1/3rd of their market share over the last 5 years


  • Open an expensive showroom with a competitor franchise brand?
    • Reality: you’ll still be just one of over 2,000 showrooms competing for business


  • Launch a Raison Home Multi-seller Franchise ?
    • Reality: you’ll build a team of hardworking, interior design loving, salespeople to offer customers a unique service in the comfort of their own homes. What’s more you’ll hit the ground running without having to invest a six or seven figure sum on a showroom full of stock!

How does-it work?

As the leading home selling fitted kitchen, bedroom & bathroom franchise network in Europe, Raison Home is extremely excited to be launching its “Multi-Seller” franchise option alongside the hugely successful Single Operator model.


With a global turnover of more than £30m, and a network of over 100 franchisees that is growing by 25% per year, the RAISON Home franchise model is well proven, and our comprehensive training programme makes it simple for our franchise owners to replicate in their own territories.

The UK has the biggest market potential of any country we currently operate in, so this is the perfect time for you to join us and take full advantage of the opportunity.

Equipe Delpique et voiture Franchise Raison Home
Grande marge de manoeuvre

The UK is full of incredibly talented KBB experts who know how to sell, but many are now facing an uncertain future in their current roles. For some, the Single Operator model would be the perfect solution to staying in the industry they love AND being their own boss, but many lack the initial investment.


For a well-funded and experienced applicant however, the RAISON Home Multi-Seller Franchise provides you with the option of employing a winning team from this great pool of talent and quickly grow your very own RAISON Home business across a large and exclusive marketing territory.


If you have a passion for interiors and your skills are suited to managing a team and scaling a business, then this really is your dream franchise opportunity!


Territories can be tailored to suit the number of designers that you want to bring into your team, with plenty of scope to continue growing your business as long as additional territories are available.


With over 90% of customers happy to recommend us & 70% of sales coming directly from those recommendations, you should quickly develop a flexible & profitable business in a booming market sector worth in excess of £4.5 billion in kitchens alone.

The USP’s that make all the difference

  1. A unique concept of “at home” selling
  2. No showroom means lower investment
  3. No showroom means lower operating costs

  1. No showroom means far more time spent with your designers and their customers ensuring that every project runs smoothly, and you get that all important RAISON Home 101% client satisfaction!
  2. Consequently, your break-even point is lower, and profits are higher

By year 5 (or sooner) we expect you to build a business of around:

  1. 5 territories x 2 salespeople/designers in each x £400k turnover each

  • You should therefore be aiming for a £4m business with 25% Gross Profit

In the first place, please contact Steve Lampshire at Platinum Wave on to discuss the investment and costs in finer detail and your ideal territories.