Our values

Our values

Convention RAISON HOME 2019
  • Honesty Being invited by the client into their home is a sign of their confidence, we must be worthy of it at all times.
  • Respect Listen to the customer’s real needs by taking as much time as necessary.
  • Collaboration Advise, guide and reassure the client because he needs a specialist.
  • Family Contribute to the happiness of the family by proposing a tailor-made development project.
  • Positive Job satisfaction comes from exceeding our customers expectations.
  • Innovation Bring a little extra by creating a unique experience.

101% satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction is what should be expected as normal, we will look for the additional 1% to go beyond our customer’s expectations and bring them delight. The best proof of this satisfaction: 70% of customers come from referrals.

Le 101% satisfaction RAISON HOME
Charmaine Ulyqte

Charmaine ULYATE

Designer for RAISON HOME UK

My passion is to achieve total satisfaction for my clients by delivering great service that goes hand in hand with great design and products. Honesty, transparency and friendly approach  has always been my motto.

Laurent Raison Président RAISON HOME

Laurent RAISON

President of the RAISON HOME network

Our network is made up of amazing, professional people, deeply excited by a spirit of delight for their customers and who want to live an adventure based on people.