Initial / On-going Training

Initial / On-going Training

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Initial training

Thanks to our proven training processes we can welcome people for all backgrounds whether they have ever worked in the KBB sector or not.

This 5 week training programme adapts to your level of knowledge, from the passionate beginner to the trade expert:


  • Supplier product training, suppliers’ factory visits
  • Project master plan, location, designing
  • 3D design software, business management software, Virtual reality
  • Entrepreneurship, business insurance
  • Operational communication, digital communication
  • Prospecting, the RAISON sales process
  • Customer delight, recommendation
  • Sales method: contact

On-going training
& e-learning

Each year, we renew our catalogue of continuing training courses, allowing us to develop the tools used by the network. The integration of these developments keeps us, and our franchisees, way ahead of the competition. 

Our e-learning platform is available to franchisees around the clock so every day can be a school day and people can work at pace they are comfortable to embed all the new skills and knowledge.

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Romain Carbonnel Concepteur RAISON HOME


Franchisee since 2019

I am very satisfied with the training provided by the franchise at the start of my activity. It is a complete training package which allows us to better understand the basics of our working day.

Jean Charles Pedrono

Jean-Charles Pedrono

Training Manager

You will be able, at the end of your journey, to best help your future customers to achieve their living space by promoting the emergence of their ideas using tools and methods based on collective intelligence