Suppliers & Products

Suppliers & Products

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Selection and referencing of suppliers

All of the manufacturers selected and referenced by the franchise allow you to cover the needs of your customers with 37 brands referenced.   We freely choose our suppliers according to precise specifications developed in collaboration with our franchisees. What we expect from a referenced supplier is simple:
  • Supporting the franchise and franchisees on a national and local level
  • Sales aid tools
  • Quality products and after-sales service
  • Advantageous terms
  • Precise positioning in our range and our requirements

Supplier negotiation

Our current conditions allow our franchisees to be particularly competitive in their market, while working with the margins necessary for good profitability of their business.

We are constantly negotiating with our suppliers to obtain better terms for our franchisees to ensure their profitable growth.

Our partners are invited to our meetings to present their latest news and offerings. They also actively participate in the development of the network.

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Franchisee since 2013

The suppliers referenced by the franchise allow us to meet 95% of the market. Not being a manufacturer allows us to have a multi-supplier approach which is a bonus for our customers.

Sebastien Nogue Responsable Relation Fournisseurs

Sébastien NOGUE

Supplier Relations Manager

We provide you with all the tools to sell in the customers’ homes: catalogues, product presentation videos and samples to allow your customers to see and feel the products.