7 Good Reasons to Join Us

7 Good Reasons to Join Us

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1. Unique Concept

Our franchisees assume responsibility for the entire project, from initial contact through to project completion, ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. This distinctive approach puts the ‘human touch’ at the heart of the sales process and makes it fun, honest and personal for both the franchisee and their client.


2. Proven know-how and services in all areas

For 20 years we have empowered our franchisees to over-deliver for their customers. By creating so many operational efficiencies for our franchisees, they get to devote all their time to the client.


3. Personalised support

Our franchisees get the support they need, when they need it. Every franchisee is unique and has their own set of strengths and weaknesses – so we tailor our support to match their needs across every aspect of running their business.


4. Initial training

An initial training of 5 weeks and a program of continuing education revised annually, ensures our franchisees keep growing and flourishing year after year.

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5. Certified suppliers

With a selection of over 40 brands at your disposal, you have everything needed to fulfil your customers’ requirements while staying within their budget. We also offer the flexibility for you to explore external options when necessary to meet specific customer needs.


6. Innovative tools


Planning software that allows you to do everything in front of the customer, from 2D and 3D plans to virtual reality and a CRM solution that produces all necessary documents for the customer.


7. A network of professionals


Beyond the incredible support team, Raison Home is a network of over 120 individual franchisees – imagine having all that collective experience and expertise at your fingertips!

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