What is the profile of a Raison Home Franchisee?

What is the profile of a Raison Home Franchisee?

Entreprendre avec RAISON HOME

Let’s discount preconceptions

“You must already have been an entrepreneur” FALSE No entrepreneurial experience is required to become a Reason Home Designer. What you need is to have all the knowledge of being an entrepreneur with a real desire to succeed in your project. We bring you the tools and methods to get started in the creation of your business as well as the strength of a network of professionals exercising the same profession.   “Previous experience in interior design is necessary” FALSE You are simply passionate about sales, human relations, interior design and decoration. The technical skills necessary for the role are provided by our intensive training and our daily support.

“As a franchisee, I will have no flexibility”

Like any business creator, you are independent, responsible and decide your level of activity. However, you are not alone and will benefit from 20 years of experience from a network of professionals united and driven by the same passion and the same values.


“Franchise, it’s impossible to have local support”

We support you in the success of your project from our first contact and throughout your business activity. We have a franchise team who will allow us to meet your expectations related to the performance of your Company.

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Le profil pour entreprendre avec RAISON HOME

Qualities to become a franchisee

Your expectations :

  1. Become your own boss
  2. Take advantage of a different concept
  3. Benefit from proven know-how
  4. Take advantage of local support
  5. Have a good standard of living

You are :

  1. Customer satisfaction oriented
  2. Passionate about interior design
  3. With a strong sense of customer contact and service

Our expectations :

  1. Continue our development in the UK and abroad
  2. Maintain a family network
  3. Stay differentiating and innovative
  4. Co-building our future together
  5. Make your project a success

We are :

  1. A rapidly growing network
  2. A brand with a clear positioning
  3. A collaborative organisation

Conditions of Joining

A launch budget from £25,000

  • Joining Fee: £20,000+VAT
  • Personal contribution: 100% Funding is available up to £25,000
  • Turnover after 2 years: £380,000
  • Duration of the franchise agreement: 5 years

Royalty fee

  • Operating Fee: 5% of turnover excluding tax
  • Marketing fee: 5% up to turnover excluding tax