Franchising: a good solution to launch your business without being alone

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Franchising: a good solution to launch your business without being alone
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Have you ever thought about starting your own business? What’s been stopping you?

There is a financial risk! Obviously. Is this a reason to give up? Probably not on condition of having made a real business plan, of having challenged it with different scenarios going from the most optimistic to the most pessimistic to verify its solidity and to have agreed it’s strength.


There is the fear of loneliness. As long as you are employed, even if it is sometimes painful, there is always one or more superiors who will lighten the weight of the final decision and colleagues with whom you will be able to share your concerns and your questions.


Once you become the boss of your own business, it is you who will make the decisions, it is you who will have to assess the opportunities and risks of each option to determine where to go.


This loneliness will be almost total if you decide to start alone. There are friends and family, but it is sometimes very difficult to share your concerns with them. There’s your banker but it’s unlikely to think of your interests more than his own. There is your accountant who can give good advice to interpret the figures but often does not know enough about your business to help you make the right decision.


Have you ever thought of starting your franchise business? By signing a franchise agreement, you acquire the right to exploit all the elements that are part of your franchisor’s concept: its brand, its marketing tools, its products, its services, its operating processes, its IT tools, its sales techniques, training programs, etc.


And above all, you benefit from its permanent support. Your business is independent, you are your own boss, you benefit from all the advantages of being a business manager without suffering from the main difficulty attached to your status: loneliness.


Your franchisor will help you start your business, build your business plan, do your market research, seek your financing and will provide you with everything you need to be immediately operational.


But above all he will always be available with a shoulder to lean on, a knowledgeable and competent sparring partner and a reliable companion since his own interests are directly linked to yours. You keep the final decision but you can benefit from all his advice and permanent support.


If you want to start your own business, if you are interested in doing it in the world of fitted kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms with the support of a franchise bringing you a totally different concept, let’s talk about your project.

David Fox

David Fox

Managing Director of Raison Home UK