RAISON Home: Start your business with a differentiating concept

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RAISON Home: Start your business with a differentiating concept
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From the beginning, in all sectors and all over the world, what characterises all great successes is the fact that they proposed something different.


Think of Nespresso, which revolutionized the coffee market from its production to its distribution, Pairi Daiza, which reinvented something old like the world, the zoo, making it as much a garden of animal discovery as a walk in architectural wonders, of the world. Or Dyson vacuum cleaners that changed the thinking of their market.


What are the main elements that make the difference so important?


First, the consumer wants to have a choice, wants to find a variety of offers to select the one that best meets their expectations. He hates nothing more than being stuck in a uniform market where all offers are alike and there is no other choice in this case than to put pressure on prices, the only criterion of differentiation.


Secondly, the consumer favours different offers which bring them real value, a clear answer to the £1 million question: “what’s in it for me?” ” The difference today relates above all to the proposal of a different customer experience: constitution of the product offer, different service offer, access to the offer, ordering, delivery process, replacement warranty, etc. This difference aims to offer a richer, easier, faster, more fun, more reassuring experience, etc. In any case, it must necessarily be something more, this something being easily identifiable and understandable by the consumer.


In the world of fitted kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms it is striking to note how uniform the offer made to the consumer is: “Come and see what our offer is in our showroom, tell us what is your choice of style and what your needs are and we will design something that suits you. ” Apart from the logo which is blue, red, orange or green and a specific atmosphere defined by the showroom, the proposal made to the consumer is always the same.


This is an opportunity that RAISON Home has seized. There is no better place to design the new kitchen than in the room where it will be installed. We can see everything: technical constraints, style of the other rooms, brightness, colours. There is no reason to believe that the consumer is not perfectly informed of the offer in terms of fitted kitchens: it is therefore he who must be placed in the role of the designer so that he develops the project accompanied by a professional. And there are plenty of services to offer the consumer to guarantee the successful completion of the project, ensure the maintenance of the kitchen, offer local support that it is possible to finance once you invest in customer service, rather than in a showroom.


RAISON Home is the franchisor in its sector who dares to offer its franchisees a totally different concept to offer the consumer an experience that fully identifies with that of its competitors.


If you have a passion for interior design, if you love spending time with your customers to exceed their service expectations, if you prefer to bring additional value to your customers rather than investing in a showroom, let’s talk about the your Company’s franchise project with RAISON Home.

David Fox

Managing Director of Raison Home UK