Becoming an entrepreneur: a life choice

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Becoming an entrepreneur: a life choice
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You have most certainly already met many people who said to you with a certain nostalgia “if I had dared, if my family & friends had let me do it, if I had not had so many responsibilities, if I had believed more in myself, if, if, if, I would have launched my own business”!


Ask yourself this simple question: might you be able to say the same thing in a few years when you regret not having done so?


If the answer is yes, then it is important that you take control of your future.


What is involved in becoming an entrepreneur?


First of all, it’s about realising your dream: initiating a project, getting it off the ground, getting your partners, your suppliers, and your future customers to adhere to it, quite simply making things happen because you completely believe in it and ready to move mountains to get there.


Then it’s about deciding your future. No longer depend on decisions made by others who can send you to heaven or hell overnight. Make decisions with full responsibility, no longer suffer, no longer ask for permission, really be the pilot of the plane.


Thirdly, it means wanting to generate wealth, no longer being a “tenant” of your professional life (and if it stops tomorrow, nothing remains) but on the contrary the owner of a business that generates value, jobs and that in the future you can pass on.


And the icing on the cake, creating a business is a great source of pride, that of having been brave, that of wanting to succeed more than the others, that of having overcome difficulties, of having imagined a thousand solutions instead of having looked for excuses.


Yes, you will say to me but there are enormous risks! It is obvious: to commit is to take risks and things are never taken for granted. But if the prospect of becoming your own boss really excites you, is there a risk in not asking the right questions and staying in your current employee situation?


Obviously not. Do you know anyone who thought he was a completely secure in his job and found himself unemployed overnight? Do you not see that the social security coverage of employee status is gradually decreasing and that the tendency to reconcile employee and self-employed status is inexorable?


In fact, it is not about rejecting the risk, it is much more about asking the question of the sensible level of risk that you are willing to take and that you can afford.


You have a project? Do you really want to analyse its feasibility at this time? Let’s talk about it! RAISON Home offers you a solution to launch your business in the sale of fitted kitchens, bedrooms & bathrooms while minimising the necessary financial investments and therefore the risks

David Fox

David Fox

Managing director of Raison Home UK